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Ever since the pandemic erupted schools, colleges and universities have started taking classes online. Few students are more than comfortable taking these classes however many are still complaining, struggling to adjust to the dramatic change. Here are few tips you can incorporate to enhance your digital learning experience.


Equipment and Tools:

It might be appealing to cozy up in your bed and attend your online class from your phone, or drag your laptop to the dining table and enjoy your class with your favorite cereal but it’s almost fruit less to attend such classes. In order to make most out of your classes you need the following tools and equipment:

  • A proper study table where you can place your computer and still have enough space to take down your notes.
  • A desktop or a laptop, no matter how latest your cellphone is, a large display screen is essential for better viewing of notes and diagram
  • A strong internet connection, but there must be a backup in case your primary internet goes down or there is a power breakdown
  • Headphone or earphone, this cannot be stressed enough, they will help you focus on your lectures and reduce outside noise, moreover participating in discussions would give you whole lot different experience.
  • A notebook and a pen, just like a two button suit, a notebook and a pen never goes out of fashion, and most importantly it is essential for jotting notes and staying engaged in classroom.
  • Lastly a power backup, let it be generator or UPS, a power backup is essential in case there is sudden power break down, or voltage fluctuation.

Discipline and Attitude:

No matter how much you hate online classes know that this is not by choice rather need of time. Your teacher probably hates taking online lectures more than you however effective collaboration can make things bearable. Here are the things you would need to adapt to get better of these classes:

  • Punctuality is the key to success and to learn. Make sure you are up and ready 5 minutes before the lectures. Complete all your chores before your classes.
  • Although not under teacher’s scrutiny, it is utmost important that you don’t play with your cell phone or browse through social media. Focus and try to understand lecture, someone is putting a lot of efforts in making them happen.
  • Do not multi task! During online classes, avoid eating meals, polishing your nails, petting your cat or cleaning your ears. Wait for the classes to end before you can do all of this.
  • Make sure you complete all of the assignments and submit them in due course. If you consider online assignments trivial your grade would eventually be effected.
  • Always revise previous lectures and pre-read the topic that is going to be taught in the class. This would help you come up with constructive questions and arguments, and you can develop more detailed understanding of the core concepts.
  • Lastly it is very appealing for you to take your classes in PJ’s however dressing up for your classes will do wonders for you. Not only would you realize the importance of online lectures, you would feel more focus and attentive during the lectures.

Wishing you all the best, Good Luck smile